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Why this page?

During a exploration of the net for yet another article I came across the site www.futurediving.org. The idea behind the site triggered the genesis of this page. Considering that diving in it's current form is about 50 years old and that is a technologically intensive activity, requiring equipment to stay alive in an alien environnement, there is room for improvement.

I'm diving since 1992 and reached the level of a 2* CMAS instructor. Combine this with my studies as a aeronautical engineer (MScE) and experience in developing futur concepts, and you arrive at a good cocktail for new ideas that may have a lasting impact on diving.

The idea of this page (the only one in English for that purpose) is to share ideas about future diving so that other people, with more technical skills, can put them in practise. You will not find D-I-Y plans, only great lines along which some things can be build. Not trivial things, but things that could make a real difference in a dive.

If you want to contact me, please do so!

History of diving

To look into the future, some history can help. You can read this in my article in Dutch (Geschiedenis scubaduiken) or related sites on my links page.Diving in the future

Future diving concepts

Technological trends:

Diving problemsDiving into the future



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