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Who are Skubba and Fred?

Skubba discovers step by step and much doing the fun and secrets of diving. In his exploration he is assisted by the aquafobic and intelligent Fred.

Join them during their discovery.

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Idea and stories:
Patrick Van Hoeserlande

Peter Bosteels

Skubba as a kid
1: Skubba
Skubba youngster
2: Meeting Fred
Skubba and Fred - Fred is Back
3: Fred is back
Fred and Skubba - Fred is back
3: Fred is back
Skubba and Fred - A Better Lunch Box
4: A Better Lunch Box
Skubba and Fred - A Bucket Full of Expectations
5: A Bucket Full of Expectations
Skubba and Fred - With a View of Water
6: With a View of Water
Skubba and Fred - To Sink or Swim
7: To Sink or To Swim
Skubba and Fred - Archimedes
8: Archimedes
Skubba and Fred - Archimedes
9: Treasure Room
Skubba and Fred - Archimedes
10: Bag Diving
Skubba and Fred - Archimedes
11: A Bucket of Water
on Your Head
Skubba and Fred - Archimedes
12: Lead in the Shoes
Skubba and Fred - Archimedes
13: Nylon Stockings
Skubba and Fred - Triming Out
14: Trimming Out
Skubba and Fred - You'd Better Get a Move On
15: You'd Better Get a Move On
Skubba and Fred - Traingles
16: Triangles
Skubba and Fred - The Fin Kick
17: The Fin Kick
Skubba and Fred - Real Fins
18: Real Fins
Skubba and Fred - The SCUBA Tank
19: The SCUBA Tank
Skubba and Fred - A Pro Lookalike
20: A Pro Lookalike
Skubba and Fred - Real Divers
21: Real Divers
Skubba and Fred - The Encounter
22: The Encounter
Skubba & Fred dreaming
23: Dreams
Diving equipement
24: Diving Equipment
Tank and accessoires
25: The Tank & Accessoires
First pooltraining
26: Welcome to the Pool
Save the Sharks
27: Save the Sharks
Visit to the doctor
28: A Visit to the Doctor
At the doctor's cabinet
29: A the Doctor's
30: Sound
Divers for the Environment
31: Divers for the Environment
A Buddy
32: A Buddy
33: More Training
Divers for the Environment
34: First Aid
Skubba met zwemvest
35: The First Open Water Dive
36: Debriefing
The Eel and the Carp
37: The Eel and the Carp
The Pike
38: The Pike
39: 1-3-2-4
Dol fun
40:Dol fun
First certifcate
41:The First Dolphin
A dive in the sea
42: A Dive in the Sea
The Aquarium
43: The Aquarium
The Diving Boat
44: The Diving Boat
Naar de haven
45: Back To Port
Naar de haven
46: Inspection
Under Pressure
47: An Underwater
Naar de haven
48: Decompression
Over sterren
49: Star Certification
Duikt Fred?
50: Does Fred Dive?

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