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Even before moving to the United States, I had written or translated some of my articles in English. Some were already on this website. It was nevertheless hard to find them, because my site is in Dutch and navigating through pages without understanding the language must be hard (although Google Translate may be a big help). But the leap over the ocean changed that, a bit.

Working in an international environnement makes that I now write articles in English, so it was time to publish a page that collect all my articles. This created the opportunity to collect all those articles on one page and guide you directly to it.

This page is not limited to diving, or to any other topic. It's just a collection to better help you, as an internaut in search of information.


Skubba & Fred

My Buddy

Diving is a hobby with various possibilities. There are plenty of good incentives to take your gear and get underwater. In this new series titled ‘My buddy’, I’m in search of diving enthusiasts who spend their limited time underwater for a special and specific reason. The idea is to demonstrate the enormous possibilities of our favourite sport.





During my 3 years in NATO's Strategic Headquarters I published 20 articles on the HQ's blog. HQ SACT is a transformational HQ, so I was expecting some thought provoking articles.

These article may be interesting for an audience outside the HQ, that is why after my departure I've decide to let them free on the internet.

These articles want to jumpstart your thinking and your exploration of limits of the box. Articles to move your head in agreement or to violently disagree with. History and the development of science show us that the confrontation of ideas lead to better ones.

I like to think of myself as a writer. Not that I have a special talent, but I like to write down my thought process. If I’m able to write something down, I like to think that my thinking is aligned. I also like to write off frustrations and worries. Always in a positive, thought provoking and personnel style. A style you may dislike, but nevertheless it is my way of expression.

Read. Enjoy. If you want to react, no problem.  I only hope, you think about it.

Article 01 - A Day at the Headquarters Allied Supreme Commander Transformation

Article 02 - Action Appeals More than Transformation

Article 03 - What about DOTMLPFI?

Article 04 - The Kingdom of the Grey Mice

Article 05 - When is the Last Time You Hugged Your Transformer?

Article 06 - The Secrets of Creativity

Article 07 - The Moral Courage of Transformational Leadership

Article 08 - Where no man has gone before

Article 09 - Kill Bill's Idea

Article 10 - Neither Chicken nor Egg

Article 11 - Social Media Transformation

Article 12 - The Kingdom of the Grey Mice - part 2

Article 13 - Explain by Example

Article 14 - Why Cyber does not make Military sense

Article 15 - Cyber Do We Need Another Domain?

Article 16 - How to Conquer a Nation in 20 Years?

Article 17 - How to Speed Up Your OODA Loop?

Article 18 - Team Performance Taxonomy

Article 19 - Cultural Aspects of Concept Development

Article 20 - The Nature of a Military Organisation

Article 21 - Je moet niet denken (only in Dutch)

Article 22 - The Oregon Approach

Article 23 - How to Neutralise NATO?

Article 24 - Resilience - a Sum or a Product Game

Article 25 - On Chickens and Leadership

Article 26 - The Filp Side of Situational Leadership

Article 27 - Howling With the Wolves

Article 28 - e-Learning - Towards a Technology Enhanced Learner-centric Platform

Article 29 - Save Lives


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